ARUBA AIRWAVE. For detailed device visibility, simply click a chart or graph to drill-down from any network level view, or locate and select a device for a configuration summary and details on connected clients, neighbors, alerts and related events. Jul 15, 2015  Exebridge's senior engineer, Matthew Crook, is demonstrating Aruba Network's Airwave solution. Exebridge implemented this solution at the Saint Arnold Brewing Company in.

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If you have an Aruba account, they sent out a notice... Below is a portion of the email I received.


Aruba Airwave Support

The ArubaOS operating system loaded on all Aruba Mobility Controllers and Mobility Access Switches contains a pre-loaded digital certificate with the name “”. As is stated in the user guide, and multiple customer advisories and Airheads Community postings, the default certificate is not intended for production deployment since every Aruba controller or switch contains the same certificate. Aruba has always recommended customers to replace this default certificate with a certificate issued by a public Certificate Authority or by an internal (PKI) Certificate Authority.

While a majority of security conscious customers have taken our advice seriously and replaced the default certificate, Aruba is aware that there are still other customers that are using the default certificate in the production networks typically for Administrative WebUI, securing the Captive Portal login screen in guest networks and for dot1x authentication with EAP termination enable.


Aruba Airwave Doesn't Generate Private Key File

This default certificate ( was issued by a GeoTrust certificate authority (CA) that is trusted by most browsers and operating systems. However, in light of the following articles, and, has been revoked

Aruba Airwave Training

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