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The Days Gone subreddit. Days Gone is developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and anything else Days Gone related! Apr 25, 2019 A complete Days Gone Walkthrough for all Main Missions. This full guide for Days Gone gets you 100% Story Completion. May 17, 2019  Nero Checkpoints are dangerous, freaker infested outposts dotting the highways and backwoods trails of Days Gone. Once cleared, these checkpoints reward you with meds, a valuable fast travel point, and a one-time stat boost item called a Nero Injector. Nero Injectors allow you to permanently boost one of your three core stats with the push of a plunger.

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Camp Generator Keys Days Gone Wrong

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Camp Generator Keys Days Gone Wrong

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Camp Generator Keys Days Gone 2017

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Camp Generator Keys Days Gone Lyrics

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The Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is a little bit awkward to access in Days Gone. A fence surrounds it, and you have no obvious way to get to the generator. In this guide, we will walk you through the best way to get access to it and make it a safe place to catch some sleep when the sun goes down.

Camp Generator Keys Days Gone Reviews

Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint

Camp Generator Keys Days Gone 2017

A fence surrounds the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, so getting access to it needs to be done in a couple of stages. The first thing you should do is sneak around and take out the speakers at the small guard huts at either end of the Checkpoint. You will find one on the road leading down from the tunnel, and the other is located down near the railway bridge.

Once you have climbed onto the guard huts and cut down the speakers, go back to the main camp area. There should be a can of gasoline nearby, although where exactly it will seem to be a little bit random. Just check the area, and you should find it quickly enough.

Camp Generator Keys Days Gone Full

Now, head for the dirt ramp that leads down to the side of the Nero building itself, and you will see a blue truck at the top. Go up the ramp and push the truck down. This will now let you climb onto the roof, as you can see in the main image for this article. Go up there, and remember to cut two sets of speakers down. Also, make sure you bring the gas can with you.

Jump down behind the fence, beside the generator, and gas it up, then turn it on. You can now access the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, and with all the speakers cut down, it won’t attract a swarm of Freakers that want to eat you. Be sure to grab the Nero Injector while you are in there, for a nice bump to either your Health, Stamina or Focus.

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