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Mar 27, 2020  Must complete all 8★ Village Key Quests to unlock. The Valstrax does not have to be fought. Unlocks the Coast and Volcano areas for High-Rank Meownster Hunter. Adds Ancient Melding to the Melding Pot. Unlocks the Research weapon series at the Soaratorium Lab. For Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Summarized list for Key Quests'. For Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Village 5. key quests wont show,help pls'.

Hunters Hub Key Quests. This is a list of Guild Key Quests in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (and Generations) that need to be completed to unlock higher star quests and Hunter Rank. These are also known as Guild Quests and Multiplayer Quests. You don't have to complete every quest in the game to unlock the next rank. Get the Rare Fertilizers, Nya! 珍肥料を手に入れるのニャ! Deliver 10 Immortal Moth: 180HRP: Deliver an Eternal Fossil: 20HRP.

Published 3:04 PM EST Dec 10, 2015

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LATEST UPDATE: Just got my Japanese copy of Monster Hunter X so I've started a Monster Hunter X Key Quests Guide! As for previous updates, I posted a guide on how to unlock every guild quest monster from low rank to G-rank via the Everwood. Make sure to check it out if you haven't unlocked all the guild quest monsters yet! Now on to the Key Quest guide.


A wise person once said, 'Haste makes waste.'

That is, unless you've played the Japanese version of the latest Monster Hunter game to death like I did and now need to blaze through your village/caravan and gathering hall quests to reach the endgame quickly in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Maybe it's your first crack at the latest game in the series but you still want to progress in a jiffy.

Then it becomes 'He who strikes first, wins.' Just ask Charlie 'Tigrex Blood' Sheen.

For newcomers to the game, you don't have to finish every quest to unlock the next rank or batch of missions in Monster Hunter. Instead, you can finish what are called 'key quests' to unlock the next set of missions right away.

If you're in a rush to get to 10-star village/caravan quests or those tougher Gathering Hall missions to be able to craft better gear, here's a list of key quests to speed up your progress.

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These refer to the campaign mode of the game, which progresses the story. Monsters are not quite as tough as they are in online/multiplayer mode but you have to solo them.



Steak Your Ground

Deliver 1 Well-done Steak or Rare Steak

A Winning Combination

Deliver 1 Mega Potion

Subquest: Slay 3 Jaggi

— Pretty basic stuff. Just talk to your caravan leader, the hat maniac to unlock. No, your goofy little hat ain't worth risking my life by jumping onto a Dah'ren Mohran. But, hey, I'll do it anyway.


Ancestral Steppe Fungus Run

Deliver 5 Unique Mushrooms

Sub: Deliver 1 Choice Mushroom

Den Mothers

Slay 5 Jaggia

Kelbi Cure-All

Deliver 3 Kelbi Horns

Sub: Slay 8 Kelbi

— These quests are unlocked once you finish 'A Winning Combination.'

Chip Off the Old Blockade

Slay 8 Konchu

— Unlocked by finishing any of the quests mentioned above.

The Stinking Seltas

Hunt a Seltas

Sub: Break the Seltas's horn

— Unlocked by finishing 'Chip Off the Old Blockade.' Finishing this mission upgrades your grain/bread and vegetable ingredients at the canteen. For the full scoop, check out my MH4U Canteen Food Ingredients Upgrade Guide. It also unlocks expeditions, which lets you do free hunts in the Everwood. To progress further, you'll need to do two expeditions: Kill Velocidrome and Kill Yian Kut Ku. These unlock:

Urgent Quest: Swing Into Action

Hunt a Kecha Wacha

Sub: Topple monster while mounted

— Finish this 3-star quest and you unlock the 3-star caravan/village quests.



Hunt a Tetsucabra

Sub: Wound the Tetsucabra's jaw

— Unlocked after finishing 'Swing Into Action.'

Shipshape Skin

Hunt a Gypceros

Sub: Wound the Gypceros's crest

— Unlocked after finishing 'Boulder Bash.'

Road Work

Capture a Gendrome (Village: 3 Star)

Sub: Slay 5 Genpreys

— Unlocked after finishing 'Shipshape Skin.' Finish this to trigger:

Urgent: Nerscylla Thrilla

Hunt a Nerscylla

Sub: Break Nerscylla's poison spikes.

— Finish this to unlock 4-star caravan/village quests.

Before going further, I also noticed one more urgent pop up while I was doing 3-star quests. I believe this appeared after I finished 'Kecha Wacha Wallop,' which is not considered a key quest.

Urgent: Research Basarios

Hunt a Basarios

Sub: Topple monster while mounted

— Makes Basarios show up in the Everwood.


Pink Stink

Hunt a Congalala

Sub: Wound the Congalala's comb

— Maybe I was just sleep-deprived, but I could've sworn this was called 'Wild Palico Panic' when I first tried it. Anyway, now it says 'Pink Stink' in my mission board so 'Pink Stink' it is.

An Ice Surprise

Hunt a Zamtrios

Sub: Wound the Zamtrios's top fin

— I could've sworn this one was named 'Meownster Hunt Havoc' the first time I did it, too. Seriously, I think I'm losing my mind. Maybe I already did.

Najarala Hunt

Hunt a Najarala

Sub: Wound the Najarala's back

— Take down this snake in the grass and you'll get an emergency Gore Magala expedition if I remember correctly. Repel that sucker and you should unlock:

Urgent: Tipping the Scales

Hunt Gore Magala

Sub: Wound Gore Magala's feelers

— Gore! Gore! Gore! With apologies to JR's Barbecue Sauce. Bring down the flagship monster and say hello to 5-star quests.


Major Miner Problem

Hunt a Gravios

Sub: Wound the Gravios' chest

— Hello, big guy. Just bring him down, baby

Advanced: Odd Ape Out

Hunt a Congalala

Sub: Break the Congalala's claw

— I was reading a Japanese forum once and some dude didn't even mention him by name and just said 'that filthy ape.' I don't know why but that made me laugh. Yes, I'm easy to please.

Now do two of the following quests:

Zinogre Zone

Hunt a Zinogre

Sub: Wound the Zinogre's head

The Royal Guard

Hunt a Seltas Queen

Sub: Hunt a Seltas

King of the Skies

Hunt a Rathalos

Sub: Sever the Rathalos' tail

This will unlock:

Advanced: Tigrex Terror

Hunt a Tigrex

Sub: Break the Tigrex's claw

— Tigrex, he's grrrreat. At unlocking the next quest:


Urgent: Advanced: Heaven's Wheel

Slay Shagaru Magala

Sub: Break Shagaru Magala's horns

— Finish Gore Magala's true form after shedding its skin and you're on the fast track to high rank questing.



Skiff Scuttler

Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur

Sub: Break D. Hermitaur's claw

— I was in a rush to go through quests so I waltzed into this quest while still using a bone weapon. Can you say Bounce City?

Hot-air Buffoon

Hunt an Emerald Congalala

Sub: Deliver 1 Territorial Dung+

Facility Facilitation

Hunt a Cephadrome

Sub: Hunt 6 Cephalos

Hunt-a-thon: Nerscylla

Hunt 2 Nerscylla before time expires or deliver a Paw Pass ticket

Sub: Deliver 1 Queen Substance

These missions will unlock:

Urgent: Skiff Competition

Hunt a Monoblos

Sub: Break the Monoblos's horn.

— Charge! Have fun Guard Point masters. Oh yeah, welcome to 8-star quests


Finish one of the two following missions:


Hunt a Khezu

Sub: Wound the Khezu's head

— Man, this guy… A bonafide troll.

Take a Powderstone

Deliver 1 Powderstone

Sub: Hunt an Iodrome

Either of the previous missions will unlock:

In the Pink

Hunt a Pink Rathian

Sub: Wound the Pink Rathian's head

— One of my favorite monsters to hunt. I personally find her more challenging than Azure Rathalos. Whatever you do, stay away from her left cheek… Take her down and you get:


Hunt a Seltas Queen

Sub: Wound the Seltas Queen's head

— Lets… volt… in! I still remember the first time my cousins saw the docking manuever while playing the Japanese version of the game. 'Wait, did they just combine? That's awesome!' Finishing this also unlocks the Wyceum research center, which will be key later when fighting frenzied and extreme monsters, especially those that make your weapons and bullets bounce.

Nocturnal Commission

Capture a Rathian

— This unlocks a pretty cool cut scene, plus your next urgent.

Urgent: Dance of a Thousand Blades

Hunt a Seregios

Sub: Topple monster while mounted

— Say hello to the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4G. This, by the way, provides the earliest opportunity to craft those Seregios weapons, which was quite helpful when I started doing Guild Hall quests.


Say hello to key quests galore. Here's the order that I went through them:

Black Rock Down

Hunt a Black Gravios

Sub: Wound Black Gravios's back

An Omen in the Skies

Hunt an Azure Rathalos

Sub: Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear

The Echoing Roar

Hunt a Brute Tigrex

Wound the Brute Tigrex's head

Forge Ahead

Hunt a Stygian Zinogre

Sub: Wound Stygian Zinogre's back

Advanced: Glacier's Bane

Hunt a Brachydios

Sub: Suppress Brachydios's frenzy

Advanced: Tyrant's Maw

Hunt a Deviljho

Sub: Topple Monster While Mounted

These will unlock

Urgent: Death by a Thousand Cuts

Hunt an Apex Seregios

— Whee, apex monsters! Don't forget to use that Wystone.

Urgent: Kushala Kushowdown

Hunt a Rusted Kushala Daora

— This a siege-style battle in Dundorma with your NPC allies. Finish it and you level up your Wystone and unlock 10-star quests, which are the final batch of hunts for offline mode. Enjoy!


Say hello to the multiplayer part of MH4U. Yes, you can still solo missions if you want but keep in mind that the monsters will be tougher. For the bulk of these, I basically formed a two-man party with my cousin, which provides just the right balance difficulty-wise. Plus we only had to do the urgents twice as opposed to three or four times with a bigger team. Then again, feel free to do whatever works for you.


Hunter Rank 1

Bug Burger

Hunt a Seltas

Sub: Break the Seltas's horn

Kecha Konundrum

Hunt a Kecha Wacha

Sub: Wound the Kecha Wacha's ears

Tackling a Tetsucabra

Hunt a Tetsucabra

Sub: Wound the Tetsucabra's jaw

The Gypceros Project

Capture a Gypceros

Sub: Slay 5 Konchu

2-star Urgent: Web Sighting

Hunt a Nerscylla

Sub: Break Nerscylla's poison spikes


Royal Assassination

Hunt a Rathian

Sub: Wound the Rathian's head

A Ghastly Gift

Capture a Khezu

Sub: Wound the Khezu's body

Zamtrios of the Deep

Hunt a Zamtrios

Sub: Wound the Zamtrios's head

Nix the Najarala

Hunt a Najarala

Sub: Wound the Najarala's back

3-star Urgent: Dark Wings, Dark Work

Hunt Gore Magala

Wound Gore Magala's wing


Tigrex Tough Love

Hunt a Tigrex

Sub: Break the Tigrex's Claw

Temper Tantrum

Hunt a Gravios

Sub: Wound the Gravios's back

Royal Audience

Capture a Rathalos

Sub: Wound the Rathalos's wings

Tuff Turf

Hunt a Zinogre

Sub: Wound the Zinogre's head

The Royal Guard

Hunt a Seltas Queen

Sub: Wound the Seltas Queen's tail

4-star Urgent: Sand Sailor

Slay a Dah'ren Mohran or repel it.

Sub: Btreak Dah'ren Mohran's horn

— Unlocks drinks at the canteen and High-Rank Expeditions



Face Two Face

Hunt 2 Kecha Wacha


Sub: Deliver 1 Large Beast tear

Purple People Eater

Hunt a Purple Gypceros

Sub: Wound Purple Gypceros's chest

Buffoonish Baboon

Hunt an Emerald Congalala

Sub: Wound Emerald Congalala's comb

Dastardly Duo

Hunt a Gendrome and Tetsucabra

Sub: Wound the Gendrome's head

5-star Urgent Quest: Rathian's Wrath

Hunt a Pink Rathian

Sub: Wound the Pink Rathians wings


Writer's Block

Hunt a Najarala and a Rathian

Sub: Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear

The Red Menace

Hunt a Red Khezu

Sub: Wound the Red Khezu's head.

Dread Locked

Hunt a Gore Magala

Generations ultimate village key quests 2

Sub: Wound Gore Magala's wingarm

Advanced: Frenzied Foe

Hunt a Tigrex

Sub: Break the Tigrex's claw

6-star Urgent Quest: Ore D'Ouvre

Hunt a Black Gravios

Sub: Wound Black Gravios's back


Bring Down the Sky King

Hunt an Azure Rathalos

Sub: Wound the Azure Rathalos's wing

Infernal Overlord

Hunt a Stygian Zinogre

Sub: Wound Stygian Zinogre's head

Ear Ache

Hunt a Brute Tigrex

Sub: Wound the Brute Tigrex's head

Brimstone and Brachydios

Hunt a Brachydios

Sub: Wound the Brachydios's head

7-star Urgent: Advanced: Stop the Wheel

Slay Shagara Magala

Sub: Break Shagaru Magala's horns


Advanced: Grim Tidings

Slay an Akantor

Sub: Wound Akantor's head

Advanced: Storm Front

Slay a Kushala Daora or repel it

Sub: Wound Kushala Daora's head

Advanced: Teostra Tangle

Slay a Teostra or repel it

Sub: Wound Tesotra's head

Advanced: Fleet Action

Generations Ultimate Village Key Quests List

Slay Dah'ren Mohran or repel it

Sub: Break Dah'ren Mohran's horns

Urgent: Advanced: Speartip Menace

Slay a Dalamadur

Sub: Wound Dalamadur's head

— Finish this and you unlock the cap on your hunter rank, which should jump up pretty high. It also unlocks:

Urgent: Advanced: Glacial Grinder

Slay an Ukanlos

Sub: Topple monster while mounted

— This unlocks G-rank quests. Woot!

While I've sunk in a ton of time in the Japanese version of the game, I haven't gone through all the G-rank quests in the Western version so I don't know the English names of all the stuff yet. For such quests, I will name the monsters you need to hunt as part of G-rank key quests. I'm adding subquests, too, in case there are non-key quests that feature the same monster. I will update this section as I verify information in my U.S. copy:

G-Rank 1

Sculptural Seltas

Hunt a Desert Seltas

Seeing Spots

Hunt an Ash Kecha Wacha

Sub: Wound Ash Kecha Wacha's ears

— Apparently, someone in Monster Hunter's localization team is an Ash Ketchum fan...

Berserker Rage

Hunt a Berserk Tetsucabra

Sub: Wound the B. Tetsucabra's jaw

Line in the Sand

Hunt 2 Cephadrome x2

Sub: Wound the Cephadrome's tail

Fashion Victim

Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur

Sub: Break D. Hermitaur's shell

— These missions will unlock…

Hit List: Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

Hunt a Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

Sub: Break P.D. Hermitaur's Claw

— The Diablos skull accessory always cracks me up

Grand Finals Confrontation

Hunt a Tigerstripe Zamtrios

Sub: Wound T.Zamtrios's dorsal fin

— This guy loves switching to Jabba the Hutt mode

Serpent Serenade

Hunt a Tidal Najarala

Sub: Wound Tidal Najarala's head

Hunter in Green and Red

Hunt a Rathian and a Red Khezu

Sub: Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear

— No matter the color, Khezu remains a cave-dwelling troll.

Urgent:Seer of the Swords

Hunt a Seregios

Sub: Sever the Seregios's tail

— Bring dung bombs just in case he grabs ya'.

G-Rank 2

Course Correction

Hunt a Shrouded Nerscylla

Sub: Wound S.Nerscylla's outer hide

The Azure King and the Tyrant

Hunt an Azure Rathalos and a Tigrex

Sub: Deliver 1 large Wyvern Tear

Temper Tantrum

Hunt a Gravios

Sub: Wound the Gravios's head

How to Zap your Zinogre

Hunt a Zinogre

Sub: Slay 5 Slagtoth

These quests will unlock:

Brute Force

Hunt a Brute Tigrex

Sub: Wound the Brute Tigrex's head

Pestering Pest

Hunt a Desert Seltas Queen

Sub: Wound D.Seltas Queen's tail

Hollow Promise

Hunt a Black Gravios

Sub: Wound the Black Gravios's chest

Fire Drill

Hunt a Brachydios and a Stygian Zinogre

Sub: Sever the Stygian Zinogre's tail

Showdown at High Noon

Hunt a Diablos

Sub: Sever the Diablos's tail


Hunt Black Diablos (Sub: break both horns)

Urgent: Chaos Gore Magala

G-Rank 3

Advanced Chameleos (Sub: break horns)

Advanced Kushala Daora (Sub: cut tail)

Advanced Teostra (Sub: wound wings)

Advanced Ukanlos (Sub: wound front feet)

Urgent: Gogmazios (Sub: destroy back)

Well, that's it for now. Make sure to check out the Technobubble hub for more of our guides for Monster Hunter Ultimate 4!

Published 3:04 PM EST Dec 10, 2015
In Monster Hunter Generations, you take on the role of a monster hunter whose skills are influenced by the types of armor and his weapons. You will travel a total of 4 villages. Three of them are already known from previous titles and the fourth village, Bherna, is newly added. To get there, you have to go on quests to get the correct key.
To do all quests in Monster Hunter Generations costs a lot of time, effort and above all perseverance. Fortunately, you don’t have to make all the quests, if you do not want - Finally, there is far more important to do in the action RPG, such as to hunt the flagship Monsters.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify certain key to go on quests if you want the next village and want to increase your progress.
Incidentally after successful completion of key quests, there is always an Urgent Quest that you must also completed. Then you will not only unlock the nearest village but also the next rank.
Village 1 - Kokoto
You begin in the village Kokoto and have to go on 4 quests. You can find the second Quest only if you have completed the Key Quest 'Find the Ferns'
Find the Ferns: Deliver 8 unique ferns.
Wipe Out: Kill 10 Maccao.

The Urgent Quest here called 'Vaulting Outlaw'. To complete it successfully, you have to hunt a great Maccao. Once you have completed the Urgent Quest, you unlock all the other tasks of the 2nd stage.

Gendrome roadblock: Hunt a Gendrome.
Hermitaur Grab: Kull 5 Hermitaurs.
The Urgent Quest here is called 'Tusked Tantrum'. To complete this quest and to unlock the next village you must hunt Tetsucabra.
Village 3 - Yukumo
Stomping Grounds: Hunted a Yian Kut-Ku
Crustacean Frustration: Hunted a Daimyo Hermitaur
Current Events: Hunt a Royal Ludroth

Here you'll get the Urgent Quest 'The Nocturnal Enchanter', your task is to hunt down a Malfestio.
Village 4 - Bherna
Wrath of Rathian: Hunted a Rathian
Serpentine Samba: Hunted a Najarala
Crustacean Infatuation: Catch a Shogun Ceanataur
'The Dark Ages' is your Urgent Quest at rank 4. Hunt Yian Garuga and this increases your progress.
Village 5
The Thunder claw-Wyvern: Hunt an Astalos
The Enchanting water dancer: Hunt a Mizutsune
A King, Robed in Smoke: Hunt a Rathalos

The Urgent Quest 'The scorching blade' can sniff you already at the last rank. Hunt a Glavenus, so that you can reach the last 6th place in Monster Hunter Generations.
Village 6

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate High Rank Village Key Quests

Finally done, you have reached the last rank and thus bring your progress to the maximum. Now, the last important key quests follow in Monster Hunter Generations.
Dark wings, dark work: Hunted Gore Magala
Tigrex by the tail: Hunt a Tigrex
Brachydios Mio!: Hunt a Brachydios
The last Urgent Quest is: 'Brachydios Mio'. Hunt a Brachydios to complete this.

Mh Generations Ultimate Village Key Quests

If you focus on all of these key-quests, then you can easily and quickly increase your progress.

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