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Guild Wars 2 Key Generator CDKey Generator Generate Serial Key

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Guild Wars 2 Key Generator CDKey Generator Generate Serial Key
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This article is about keys to chests. For access keys that activate products on your Guild Wars account, see Access key.

A key is an item that can be used to unlock a chest. With the exception of Lockpicks, keys can be used only once to open chests with a matching name. They can be purchased from merchants, obtained as loot, or (in some cases) obtained from reward trophycollectors (e.g. Equipment Requisitions).

The costs of keys, and the value of the loot they unlock, varies with the difficulty of the region in which they are used. However, the merchant value of chest contents is almost always less than that of the key itself.

Each use of a key costing at least 600 contributes one point to the Treasure Hunter title. Luxon and Kurzick Keys which are bought from Faction merchants also count towards the title.

  • 1Keys by campaign

Keys by campaign[edit]


  1. Keys for chests drop from foes in the associated explorable areas and missions in normal mode; they can be purchased from merchants in associated outposts.
  2. Faction merchants offer discounts on Luxon and Kurzick keys (480) and Lockpicks (1 200).
  3. Kurzick Keys and Luxon Keys can also drop from the Echovald Forest foes and the Jade Sea foes, respectively, that spawn in Pongmei Valley, even though only Canthan Chests spawn in Pongmei Valley.
  4. Anomaly.Chests do not spawn in NightfallCooperative Missions or Riverside Province.
  5. Anomaly.Forbidden Keys also drop from the Assassin's and Ritualist's Construct regardless of where they spawn.

Prophecies keys[edit]

IconNameCostUsed in (Region or location)1
Steel80Northern Shiverpeaks
Maguuma300Maguuma Jungle
Elonian450Crystal Desert
(except: Augury Rock)
Shiverpeak600Southern Shiverpeaks
(except: Sorrow's Furnace)
Darkstone600Ring of Fire Island Chain
Miner's750Sorrow's Furnace

Factions keys[edit]

IconNameCostUsed in (Region or location)1
Shing Jea80Shing Jea Island
Canthan450Kaineng City
(except: Raisu Palace mission and explorable area)
Kurzick2, 3600Echovald Forest
(except: Urgoz's Warren)
Stoneroot1 250Urgoz's Warren
Luxon2, 3600The Jade Sea
(except: The Deep)
Deep Jade1 250The Deep
Forbidden5600Raisu Palace
Raisu Palace (explorable area)

Nightfall keys[edit]

IconNameCostUsed in (Region or location)1, 4
Ancient Elonian600The Desolation
Margonite750Realm of Torment
(except: Domain of Anguish)
Demonic1 250Domain of Anguish

Core keys[edit]

IconNameCostUsed in (Region or location)1
Phantom750The Underworld
Scarred Earth
The Courtyard
The Hall of Heroes
Obsidian1 250The Fissure of Woe
Lockpick21 500Charr Homelands
Depths of Tyria
Far Shiverpeaks
Tarnished Coast
All regions in hard mode
Zaishen Key5,000 Balthazar faction or
5 Tournament Reward Points or
1 Gold Zaishen Coin and 100
The Battle Isles


  • Droknar's Key is the storyline reward for completing Eye of the North and is used to obtain a unique item. Despite the name, it is a reward trophycollected by the reward NPCs in the Epilogue explorable area.
  • In normal mode in the main campaigns, you can choose to open a chest with the corresponding key or a Lockpick. In Eye of the North, all of the chests are Locked Chests, but there is a greater chance of breaking the picks in hard mode.
  • In hard mode, you need a Lockpick to open a chest, as all regular chests are replaced by Locked Chests.
  • Using Zaishen Keys does not give points towards the Treasure Hunter title.
  • Chests do not spawn in certain instances that can only be entered via quests, such as mini-missions and repeatable Eye of the North primary quests (see also: Quest explorable areas).

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  • Locked chests and keys were added to Guild Wars in the September 7, 2005 update to reduce chest farming. Prior to that update, chests could be opened for free and had a fixed spawning location. The update did not change Hidden Stashes, Wreckages, Wrecked Catapults, and Chests in the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld, which are the only non-quest item chests that continued to not require keys to open.

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