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This is an effort to reverse-engineer the Raspberry Pi license key check forMPEG-2 and VC-1 hardware video encoding.

The Raspberry Pi foundation could have opted for a volume license for all Raspberry Pi devices to be licensed from the get go. However while this is fine for Microsoft and the like, it would have gone easily into the multi-thousand-pound range as all they can give is estimated sales and that would have pushed up prices of the unit itself. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MPEG-2 patent expiration opens door for royalty-free use. And sell hardware without paying license fees for MPEG-2 content. Patents should allow the Raspberry Pi Foundation to unlock this. Feb 14, 2018 The question about the license is if Raspberry Pi Foundation agreed to charge even after the patents expired, on a side note would any court enforce requiring the Raspberry PI Foundation to pay the license fees without a patent, other than for violating a contractual agreement.



A patch for start.elf, a firmwware blob for the VideoCore IV processor used byall Raspberry Pi models, was posted toredditby /u/fuck_the_mpeg_laon 03-03-2017:


Applying it to a4.14.44 start.elf(latest as of time of writing) results in the following diff:

Some initial analysis was done by q3kon Hacker News:

License Key Generator Online

Yes, it seems to patch a licensing function at 0xEC95FD4 [1] to always return 1,by patching the jump at 0xEC95FE2 (that should be only taken for the always-allowed H263 codec)to always be taken, thus always allowing all codecs.


The initial entry point is disassembled using theVideoCore IV pluginfor IDA Pro 6 by hermanhermitage.

Mpeg-2 License Key Raspberry Pi Generator

After loading and analyzing start.elf, we can find the is_licensed routineat address 0xEC96290 by jumping to the file offset given to us by xxdbeforehand. The relevant code sections are available insub_EC96290.asm and is_licensed.asm.

License Key Generator For Pc Games

Here, two memory locations (0xEE86680 for MPEG-2 and 0xEE869E0 for VC-1)that point to the .bss segment are checked to determine the return value ofis_licensed. There are no other obvious references to these locations instart.elf, so memory-breakpoint debugging (TBD) is probably needed.

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