They just have to go to Parental Controls, and keep selecting I

Nov 22, 2019 This is how to remove the parental controls pin number so you can reset the Nintendo DSi (or XL) to factory settings: First, go to the Nintendo system settings. It is the icon that looks like a wrench: Scroll to the 3rd page and select “Parental Controls”: You will see a screen that asks you to enter a 4 digit code.

Forgot until it gives you an Inquiry Number. You then go to the

website and type in your inquiry number where is asks for a

confirmation number (they are the same thing) and select the

correct date from the drop-down menu. It will give you a master key

Nintendo Ds Parental Controls Master Key Generator

code that you can use for unlocking Parental Controls. This website

also works for the DSi.

NOTE: With the DSi, it can be very hit-and-miss, since there are

reports of it working, and reports of it failing.

Go to parental controls in system settings. When it asks 'Change

Parental Controls settings?' tap yes. When it brings up a numeric

keypad, tap the center button, 'I Forgot'. Next, tap 'I Forgot'

again. Now you will be shown a screen with a number at the bottom

(the 'inquiry number'). Go to on

your computer and enter this number in the field marked

confirmation number. Set the current date in your timezone and

Nintendo 3ds Parental Controls Master Key Generator

click get reset code.

It does work for the Dsi! You just have to choose the correct

time zone after you enter the code!

The master key is different for every DSi system. Call Nintendo

and get to the DSi helper. Then you tell them your inquiry number

and they will tell you the master key. You must provide proof of

ID, your inquiry number on the DSi and your DSi serial number.

1. Click 'I forgot' twice.

2. Copy the inquiry code onto the bar required on the site


3. Select your date.

4. Get your master key pass.

Go to settings and flip through the options till you see

'Parental Controls'

To know the master key for the Nintendo DSI (presumably because

you had forgotten your parental control key) call the number

1-800-255-3700 and follow the menus on the phone until you can talk


to customer service about Nintendo dsi.

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