PHP & Software Architecture Projects for $30 - $250. I have a registry file that contains a key used to validate the installation of software. The key was created with only my Hardware Id (HWID). I would like a simple key generator that generates a ke.

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I was working on a project recently that required unique API keys to be generated for clients connecting to the server. For various reasons, I settled on the style of license key you commonly see for software packages. You know, the kind you always had to read off the back of a CD case and type in when installing the application. Like H8OV7-HNTB5-JLLOH-W8FG2.

It’s fairly easy to write such a function. The basic idea is to loop around four times—once for each segment—and have a nested loop that runs five times, picking a random character each time. Here’s what I came up with:

The $tokens string contains the characters that are valid in the key, so the loop can pick from it. The $segment_chars and $num_segments variables are the number of characters in a segment and the number of segments in the key, respectively. $key_string is an empty string that the loop will add the characters into.

The first for loop runs four times, assuming the desired result is four segments in the key. The inner loop picks a character out of $tokens at random each time it goes around. (PHP strings are also arrays, with the each character having its own numerical offset.) The characters are tacked onto the $segment string.

Then the segment is joined with the $key_string, and a dash character is applied if the loop isn’t on the final segment yet. End result: something like H8OV7-HNTB5-JLLOH-W8FG2.

License Key

Now how can you make sure the key is unique when it’s generated?

Php License Key Generator Project For Windows 10

You generate a new key string with the function, check to see if it exists in your database, and lather/rinse/repeat until that is no longer the case. Usually you won’t have collisions too often, so it will only need to run once. I’m too lazy to figure out the probability, but considering there are 52,521,875 possible combinations for one 5-character segment…you’re probably not going to run into performance issues anytime soon. And if you do, just add another segment onto your key strings.

A Multi-Platform C++ Software License Generator and Manager (Original Project)

License Key Generator For Pc Games

This framework allows the generation, verification and management of C++ software licenses distributed via unique textual keys to protect software from unauthorized copies, limit its usage period, limit its usage on specific machines, and prevent its usage in virtualized environments.

Of course, since this is an open source project, reverse engineering this solution to bypass it would be a fairly simple task to a dedicated software end-user. Developers should fork this project privately and extend the protection it provides by adding their own verifications keys/steps to each license.

License Key Generator Free

This fork of the original 'Open License Manager' project offers a rehauled CMake structure, and may later also offer extended license protection settings. See this page for the (seemingly abandoned) original project. The framework here still primarily consists of a key generator application (located in 'apps/generator') and a static library with minimal external dependencies (located in 'libs/reader') to integrate in the distributed software.


This framework is distributed under its original BSD 3-clause license, making private usage totally possible; see here for more information.

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