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This section focuses on how to get through the Testing Area Map in Resident Evil 7. It includes details such as: item locations, key item locations, possible enemies, possible collectible item locations, and boss strategy.

Testing Area

Welcome to the Testing Area which requires you to do a lot of backtracking. Unfortunately, there seems to be unfinished business in the Main House.


Main House

First, return to the Main Hall and take a stop at the other Safe Room before moving down into the basement. The place is notably darker but, no new enemies wait in the halls. After that, head into the Dissection Room to see the deputy has been moved off the wall and onto a gurney. While you’ll still need to head through the Morgue to get to him, there’s really no need for him at the moment. Before you can however, a new type of crawling 4-Legged Molded will lunge at you from the wall. Its like watching an infected Sadako run towards you and even starts crawling the walls like Spiderman. Seems like everyone’s got a new gimmick now. But no need to worry, just blast its head off with the shotgun and it’ll drop dead just like all Molded.

Inside the Morgue, things are even moldier than usual. But don’t worry, nothing out there yet. Inside the Dissection Room, the headless deputy lies on his gurney. However, on the corpse, there’s a sign taunts you to stick your hand down his neck to retrieve an item. Stick your hand down his neck and lo and behold, you have the Snake Key. Since you have this, it’ll not only help you get out of the Morgue quicker. But, it opens up new areas in the Main House. However, as soon as you get the key, an annoying brat decides to taunt you to find two keycards needed to “get to the party”.

Chasing Lucas

While you begin your ascent up the stairs, two legless Molded will drag itself towards you. One coming from the left while the other one is coming from the right. Either you fight them or flee, that’s fine. But as long as you make your way to the Snake Door, it’s okay either way. Once you get to the Snake Door, make your way up the stairs to get to the Safe Room. Although before you do your victory dance, watch out for one of the last four-legged Molded that will try to hunt you down.

Find the keycards

Master Bedroom

Resident Evil 7 Key For Generator Rooms

With the Snake Key in hand, the first stop is the Master Bedroom above the Main Hall. Unfortunately, Lucas has released the hounds. Remember the four legged Molded? Those are his dogs. As they come towards you, aim carefully to conserve ammo and to take them out quickly. Once they’re down, enter the Master Bedroom and ignore the fmailiar face. Check the cabinet on the left for some Handgun Ammo, a Green Herb in the drawer on the right, and some Shotgun Shells below the chair. Check out the orange tin on the vanity also contains a Lockpick.

Next to the bed, check the Clock Memo (File #21) is next to a small clock. On the clock, it will read “the same time as all other clocks”. He wants you to turn the clock until it matches the time as the grandfather clocks in the house which read: 10:15. Align the little clock, and the bed shoves itself aside to show a new area down a hidden stairs.

Before going down, check Storage Closet for an even bigger Backpack that lets you carry more items. Also, there’s a Treasure Photo on a stool that points to a head. Who’s head might that belong to? Anyway, grab the GreenHerb on the green shelves. Alongside it, there should be a schematic for the Grenade Launcher with its location on the back if you missed it. Don’t forget to pick up the Neuro Rounds for that launcher hiding behind a painting leaning against some boxes.

When you head down the stairs, you’ll find yourself in a locked Workshop. The workshop, filled with the corpses of dead animals, blood, and sawblades has a large locker on the right holds Enhanced Handgun Ammo. Once you get that, you can get the Red Keycard lies on the main table. Heading out the Workshop, head straight and then right to the stairs. Dodge the Molded as they appear in the slightly larger hall before running up the stairs to leave them behind.

Kid’s Room

Now we have to find the other keycard. Head up to the second floor, and go through the door opposite the Master Bedroom before making your way to the Kid’s Room. No matter what happens, keep your guard up as you make your way into the room. The halls are completely deserted and quiet which is a good thing. Duck down to check under the dresser for some Shotgun Shells. Check the yellow desk by the bed where you’ll find the a lot of trophies. You can also check the desk for Lucas’ Journal (File #19). There, it states he hid the remote for the attic in one of his trophies.

Check the vanity near the attic ladder for a Torn Page from Journal (File #20) states that Lucas changed the remote again so it will be shiny even at night. In other words, he made it into a lamp. Check around the other side for a lamp doubling as a trophy, and inspect inside to find the button. Before heading up, turn left and grab the Lockpick hiding in an urn on a shelf. Grab the Supplements by the window, and the GreenHerb by the piano.

As you ascend the ladder, smash the Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #12 that’s hidng on a ledge next to the ladder using the pistol. Upon entering the Attic, check the cabinet in front of you to find a VHS Tape:Happy Birthday. Before getting that, head around the right corner and find a note about installing shadow doors. There’s also a shelf with a ToyAxe and a Model Shotgun. This means that if you find the repair kit for the Broken Shotgun in the Main Hall, you can stick this one instead.

Heading towards the other Shadow Puzzle at the far end, nab the Strong Chem Fluid. After grabbing that, shift the statuette to appear similarly to that of an executioner. Once confirmed, the nearby dollhouse pops open to reveal the Blue Key Card.

Main Hall

With both keycards in tow, return to the Main Hall. Suddenly, the phone will ring. Pick up the phone and it turns out to beLucas taunts you to come to the party by using both Key Cards on the door next to the Trailer in the Yard. Check your inventory if you’re up and prepared before heading out. When you are ready, head outside and watch out for the 2 four legged Molded strolling the area. For a quick shot, take them out with sniper-like accuracy if you’re a little unsure.


With that, you head out to the trailer where you can save. Heal up and relax for a bit. Also, you can start viewing the “Birthday” VHS Tape if you haven’t already.

Happy Birthday (as Clancy)

Again, this time you’re going to watch what happened. But this time, you’re going to play as the unfortunate cameraman that is Clancy. When the video starts, Lucas will drag you into his “testing area” to see if you’re smart enough to solve a puzzle. When he leaves, turn around and grab the Candle from the animatronic clown. Go left into the kitchen area and then right through a doorway towards a birthday cake.

The moment you step through the doorway, a bucket of water spill on you to wet you and the Candle. A sneering Lucas will taunt yo and ask if you can figure out a way to light the drenched on a cake. Take note of the barrel and the locked cabinet in the room before grabbing the Winding Key from the barrel. With that, head back to the kitchen.

Use the stove to light the Candle but, don’t go back through. Walk past the monitors featuring one heck of a birthday scene to the rope-locked door before lighting it with your Candle. Enter the next room and push past the balloons. The door here is password coded. So, instead search the floor for an unfilled yellow Balloon. Grab it and head back to the Kitchen. Check for a drawing on the wall with a gas line in the wall and fill the balloon. The moment you fill the balloon, you’ll find out that it’s full of sharp things. After that, get a Quill Pen and head back to the weird clown statue thing. Only to find he’s missing a finger to hold it.

Check behind the clown only to spot a toiler. Flush it so you can reach in to find a Dirty Telescope. To use it, you need to clean it. So, stand in front of the cake doorway and use the telescope. Walk forward to clean it off in the water dispersal, turning it into a regular Telescope that seems to have a polarizing filter.

Now go back to the kitchen and look at the TV screens using the telescope. After that, you’ll find three images highlighted. There’s a hanged person, a tombstone, and a baby. With that, you’ll have the code to open the cabinet in the cake room. When you open the cabinet, you’ll find the Straw Doll. Set the doll on fire and when it burns away, it’ll reveal a Dummy Finger hidden inside it. Stick the Dummy Finger into the animatronic clown’s hand and give the Quill Pen. Once done, stick the Winding Key into its back and he’ll carve the password out for you.

With the newfound password, return to the Balloon Room to unlock the door and grab the Valve Handle. Enter the cake room and look for a slot for the valve by the doorway to shut off the water. With that, you can finally light the candle one last time and place it on the cake. Happy burning!

Testing Area

Before entering the Testing Area, remember that Toy Axe you found in the attic? Apparently, there’s one remaining puzzle that hasn’t been solved. Another shadow puzzle but, with a mathematical problem. Check in the corner of the yard through some bushes. On the wall, there are four numbers: 1, 3, 5, __, 9. As this is a pattern of odd numbers, the most logical answer would be 7. And ain’t it convenient that the Toy Axe looks likea number 7. Twirl the Axe around to do so and the nearby chest will unlock. And it’s very much worth it. Inside the chest, there’s a a free Stabilizer.

When you are ready and have all the items you need, place the key cards in the slots and join Lucas’ party.

When you get inside, all you see is an empty room with exploding music. Sit down and listen to Lucas taunting you about some Serum and finding him. Ignore it and watch for the explosive finish, opening a door that will lead you further inside.

Make your way down the hallways and grab the Herb before entering the next room. Hold up for a second, look closely. There’s a tripwire laid across the path. One step and your brains go kablooey. Instead, break the crate on the left for some Handgun Ammo and then make sure you duck under the tripwire instead. Another tripwire is on the other side of the room and you may as well duck through that one too. After that, pick up some more Handgun Ammo on the shelves before making your way out. Lucas’ pretty obsessed with tripwires so watch out for the right immediately to the right of the doorway, and the two on side. One is on the ceiling behind the lights and the other below the desk. Shoot the one under the table and sidestep the vertical one.

Before moving on, you might want to check the mannequin with the baseball cap on the top cage. Now doesn’t it look familiar? Guess what: it’s the spot from the last tReasure Photo! Head there to get the last Repair Kit whichc an repair either the Broken Shotgun into the M21 Shotgun or the M19 Handgun.

Before you leave the room, investigate the cage to the left of the door to find a well hidden 44 Magnum Ammo. In the next hall, there’s a crate in the middle of nowhere. Just break it and grab the ammo inside of it. There’s a crate on the stairs that shouldn’t be tampered with. Unless, you want to be blown into smithereens. At the end of the hall, stop in the doorway: there are two tripwires crossing the door. Walk to the end of the hall and turn around to spot one that you can snipe with a pistol shot. Slide under the second tripwire after shooting one of the tripwires and into the room with the Storage.

Say, isn’t this the same room that Lucas jammed poor Clancy into?

When you head up the terminal, Lucas is going to taunt, mock, and drop multiple passwords in your face. Well, unfortunately for you, none of them work. Although, you might want to back away the moment he starts backing up. However, if your dream is to be skewered like a kebab on rusty spikes then, by all means stay still. When you’ve moved away from the spikes, hold still for a moment and wait for the trap to pass. When it all ends, head to the right as a hidden door slowly opens.

Resident Evil 7 Key For Generator Room Size

Storage Room

For this one, make your way down the steps to enter the door on the right. When you enter, there will be a room full of crates. Be careful of what you hit, one has Chem Fluid and the other will light you up like a firework. Check the wheelbarrow for some Shotgun Shells and there’s more in a crate out back in the hall. However, watch out as four legged Molded slink past the window to ambush you. Quickly turn around and blow his brains out with a shotgun blast. When you end it, watch out for another tripwire before heading to the Barn Area.

Before you head out to the barn, there’s a small storage area at the end of the hall. However, watch for the tripwire left of the door. There’s also one behindthe shelves, at the right of the door, on the far ceiling. So, Lucas made a nice tripwire web for you. How sweet. It’s suicide to go in. Just open the door but go to the doorway heading to the stables. Turn back to see into the other room where the tripwire on the right is visible. Shoot it before crouching your way through along the left of the table. When you’re near the table, stand up to grab Antique Coin #13. Creep over to the locker so you are directly in front of it, then open it to grab the Steroids on the bottom shelf. Oh yeah, do ignore the crate unless you want to die. It’s rigged.


When you enter the barn, time to get moldy. There’s one Molded around the right corner and two others with one crawling at the far end. You have to play this smart. Lure them back to the hall and have them fry themselves to death in the explosion. With them dead, you can grab the Green Herb where the first Molded hid and then move to where the others were from.

Don’t forget the Shotgun Shells hiding behind the first set of hay bales. There’s also some Gunpowder on the shelves next to the second pile and some 44 MAG Ammo behind the second set of hay. From the hay bales, look up towards the center of the room where there’s a giant fence on the other side of the trough. Check the fence posts for Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #13. Move up to the second floor and enter the nearby room to find a Safe Room – complete with Tape Recorder, VHS Player, Solid Fuel, and Shotgun Shells.

Resident Evil 7 Key For Generator Room Layout

Leaving the Safe Room behind, check the rest of the second floor of the Barn. Check the left on the other side of the Safe Room. Over there, you’ll find a crate with Chem Fluid. There’s also some Strong Chem Fluid on the far side. When you’re ready, jump down to see what Lucas has decided to come up with. The bottom floor has a console and two crates filled with ammo. The upper floor on the other hand has a Battery and an Herb. Forget the crate up by the balcony, it’s rigged. There’s also a crate near the battery that has ammo. When you’re ready, put the Battery in the console and get ready.

When console starts working, Lucas activates the elevator to summon a fat Molded. This big guy is phat, pretty much able to tank anything you throw at him. He also likes spitting sludge in your face so, duck and cover when you can. You can use the elevator to stall him with a few shotgun blasts to the head. And if you have the M21Shotgun, it will save your life and make your life 10,000 times easier. All it takes is four shots to his face.

After punking the fat Molded, head into the elevator and take it up to enter a new hallway. When you reach the room, you see the nice grilled body of good ‘ol Clancy. There’s also some Supplements on the small table, and Chem Fluid on the shelves. Check the Memo on Burnt Corpse (File #22) for the passcode. With that, head down to the lower stairs back to the Party Room Door. Check the shelves next to the stairs button is Antique Coin #14.

Party Room

Before entering, Lucas will start whining and demand you dump all your gear in the Storage Box. To satisfy the whiny little brat, do as you’re told. With that, the door opens and Lucas locks you in before running off.

Well, time to party! Or, whatever Lucas’ version of party is. You better have paid attention to video while you were playing as Clancy. The reason why he decided to spontaneously combust? It’s because he pulled out the Winding Key which stopped the barrel full of gasoline.

Source: Video Games Republic

After Lucas gives his stereotypical villain talk, light the Candle at the stove. When you’re done, burn the locked door into the balloon room. Ignore the balloons and go straight to the password door and insert “Loser”. Grab the Valve Handle and return to the cake room just like the VHS tape. Disable the water and light up the candle, put it on the cake. This time, without cooking yourself.

Resident Evil 7 Key For Generator Room Map

Unfortunately for you, Lucas will start throwing a tantrum like a little child. And being the dangerous little child that he is, he’ll drop a ticking time bomb from above. Since the room’s sealed, escape’s impossible. Grab the bomb and run to the wall left of the barrel and find a gap in the boards. Peel away the boards and throw it inside so it blows up to make a bath before you.

Again, he’s throwing a weird tantrum again. Move through the new corridor into Lucas’ control room. This doubles as a Safe Room which includes a full set of stuff. There’s a Tape Recorder, Testing Area Map, and a Storage box that will let you get your items back. Lucas also left the D-Series Head behind. Also, do check out the monitor. You’re going to need the feed.

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