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Nov 08, 2013  SAP License key Download and Installation - Duration. Installing SAP Business One on SQL Server - Duration. SAP License Generator (SAP Crack) - Duration. (#) Country specific functions. Please consult the SAP Business One Online Help for more information. This license comparison chart is provided as a high level document to provide guidance when selecting user types. Because of this, no rights can be derived from this chart on individual screens or menu entries.

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To help with license key installation.


Digitally signed (new type) SAP license key cannot be installed due to the error:

This system's installation number is '<10 digit number>', but there is a license key for installation number '<another 10 digit number>' in the license key file

Background, steps of resolution.

Sap b1 license key


  • Digitally signed (new type) license key already exists in the system with different installation number than defined in the new license file
  • 24 digit (old type) license key still exists in the system

Steps of resolution

Sap B1 License Key Generator Online

1. Delete all existing licenses in SLICENSE transaction (both New Licenses and Old Licenses). See License Administration with Transaction SLICENSE.

As of basis 7.3 the 'New Licenses' and 'Old Licenses' buttons do not exist, only a Digitally-Signed tab. This way deleting of existing 24 digit license is not possible form SLICENSE. See point 2 and License Administration with Transaction SLICENSE.

2. Check whether old license (24 digit) exists. Command 'saplicense -show' can be used for this.

saplicense -show
LICENSE system: <SID>
hardware key: <HWKEY>
expiration_date: <date> i
nstallation no: <10 digit number>
key: <24 digit key> u
serlimit: <limit>
productid: <prod ID>
system-nr: <18 digit number>
*** license expired ***

3. Delete the old licenses with 'saplicense -delete'. Follow the instructions.

4. Install the new license via SLICENSE or on operating system level with saplikey command. 'saplikey pf=/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<instance profile> -install <path to license file/license file>' (e.g. 'saplikey pf=/usr/sap/XYZ/SYS/profile/XYZ_DVEBMGS00_xyzhost -install /home/xyzadm/XYZ_multiple.TXT'

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License Key Generator Free

SAP Business One is a smart enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for the small, mid-sized and large enterprises to manage their entire organization better.

Sap B1 License Matrix

The SAP Business One user licenses are given on a named user licensing model. The user name of each user needs to have a license granted to it. A named user is one who has the authority to access the licensed SAP Business One. The customers of SAP Business One can buy various types of Licenses from SAP: Professional User, Limited CRM User etc.

Sap B1 License Key

The SAP B1 User Licenses have altogether different levels for the different users. There are mainly 4 license user types for SAP Business One:

  1. Professional User: In this case one has access to all the modules and functionality within SAP Business One. This definite user can be the CEO, President, Management, etc who is very much involved in the business decision making.
  2. Limited CRM User: One has access to all the major features of the Sales, Purchase & even CRM Modules. The user is generally found involved with Sales, Marketing or Customer Relations Role in an organization.
  3. Limited Logistics User: The user has access to all Sales, Production modules, Inventory and limited access to the Purchase module. Generally, we find this license for the employees involved in Procurement, Supply Chain etc.
  4. Limited Financial User: The Limited Financial User has the right on all major Banking, Purchase and Financial areas in SAP Business One. Accountants and other financial users generally have this license.

Let’s check out the Module Level Rights for SAP Business One User Licenses:

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