I found a key next to a dead body called the alley stash key. I have looked around the area for a door that it unlocks. Where are you meant to use the key? I don’t want to move onto the next area in case I can’t go back.

Aug 13, 2018 Later in Chapter 1, there’s a very hidden room you can access in We Happy Few that lists out the entire roster of Kickstarter Backers — it’s kind of an Easter egg, it’s kind of a secret. Aug 18, 2018  We Happy Few cd key, We Happy Few serial key, We Happy Few licence key, We Happy Few keygen, We Happy Few key generator. Band of Brothers is story quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in Ravensholm. Players will acquire this quest after meeting Ollie Starkey in the german bunker during The Scottish Play. There are some soldiers guarding the door. I think I can do this without causing a fuss.

You will have to backtrack a bit. You will have discovered the alley stash at the very start of the game. It’s a metal gate with contraptions inside.

We Happy Few Locate The Key To The Generator Rooms

We Happy Few Locate The Key To The Generator Room

Go back the direction you came. You will have to deal with bobbies if you didn’t kill them already. You will get to a courtyard with a zapper. Head up the steps to the left and the gate is immediately left. Check out the video below for a visual guide on where to find the alley stash. You will get a trophy/achievement when you unlock the door.

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